Our shares offering is currently being expanded to include more symbols with improved trading conditions. We now offer more than 150 major US, UK, French and German shares, with no commission fees.

Each contract refers to 1 share, with the minimum contract size being 10 shares. Please note that a maximum trade size of 1,000 applies for all shares, while a maximum limit as to the number of shares one account is exposed to is also in place. For more information, please check the specifications of each symbol below.

Our shares reflect corporate actions so you will be entitled to dividend payments when going long and will incur dividend charges when going short. Margin may be increased up to 5 trading days prior, and remain in place subsequent, to a corporate action. The maximum trade size and maximum number of shares held per trading account may also be revised during such periods. FxFWay will attempt to notify clients of such changes. Existing positions at the time this occurs will not be affected. 

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss


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